Cal High to Install More Security Cameras After Receiving Threats

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California High School in San Ramon, California, will be adding additional security cameras after four written threats were found on campus earlier this month.

Principal Christopher George said school officials identified four students who were suspected of writing some of the threats, reports In a letter sent home to Cal High parents, George updated the community on the current security situation.

On May 3, graffiti was found near the football field threatening an attack on the school on May 9.

He went on to say that a “copycat” threat was found on campus on May 16 which stated there would be a “school shooting, Thursday 5/27.” George pointed out that May 27 was a Monday and the school would be closed due to it being Memorial Day.

Police determined that there was no evidence that the threat was credible, but an investigation will continue.

George confirmed that the students responsible will face disciplinary action up to expulsion and possible criminal charges.

Many students have come forward to administrators over the past few weeks with information regarding the threats.

“It is clear that they want a distraction-free environment where they feel safe,” George said. “I again ask that anyone with any information that may help our investigation.”

Increased police presence will remain on campus through the end of the year. They have been on campus since the beginning of the month when the first handwritten threat was found in a boy’s bathroom.

“For the longer term, we will be adding additional security cameras in the near future, and our staff and students will receive additional safety training in August of 2019,” he wrote.

The San Ramon Police will conduct safety training on school grounds over the summer. California High School will also be working with the Sandy Hook Promise organization to create an overall safer school climate, George said.

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