[Project] Meet Toy1

Hi All,

I’ve been toying with building a real robot, and got the frame completed for an early prototype! I figured y’all might appreciate it.


Some basic facts:
* It doesn’t do anything at all yet.
* 3d printed parts ( mixture of FFF and DLP ), with final target being SLS/HP’s MJF.
* Camera mount for Intel’s t265

It weighs in at 10 pounds, and is the size of a house cat. This one is purely a safe, “hello world” for the larger, more dangerous design. I’m hoping to make the next one able to drive around the house and up/down the stairs. Gotta figure out treads to do it. Right now, I’m using Nema23 stepper motors (222 oz-in ) and tb6000 drivers. I expect this thing to trundle along with a top speed of 0.8 miles per hour ( if I did my math right — 1200 RPM motor, geared down about 1:3.5, 55mm diameter wheels ).

Once I finish off this version ( still need to build the electronics and write the code ), will begin work on next version ( ODrive + 2 6384 esk8 motors. Slightly longer frame, and I’m still trying to figure out a tread system for going up stairs that I can get for less than $50/set and not spend all day assembling… )

Also — would love a task for this robot to do other than drive around, but doesn’t require much in terms of additional parts. Any ideas what I can do with it once I have it moving?

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