I need help with the Pro-Bot128, Port/COM Problems, Computer doesn’t detect the hardware. [Q]

Dear Reddit,

I’ve come to this Subreddit because I have a Problem with a very very old piece of technology and I’m not even an expert with modern technology, so I thought “if someone was able to help me then these people”, that’s the short version of why I’m here today!

First of all:

I have a 64-Bit Operating System (Windows 7)

I have ensured that everything is alright with the hardware of the robot

I have ensured that my USB to UART Bridge is in my device manager

I’m lost please help.

So, in 2013 I got a present from one of my friends and it was a robot called the “Pro-Bot128” and let me tell you this thing is and was awesome. Poorly my programming skills back then were not that good and I could only run programs from other people, but still. The software used for this was C-Control Pro! I’ve kept every disk, the manual and everything, so I just thought I might try it again. Everything worked fine, I’ve installed the drivers and they’ve all “installed successfully” so I thought I might start programming it. But here is the problem, within the software “C-Control Pro” I gotta define the port the computer and my robot are connected with each other, as I found out through the device manager, it is connected through “COM4”, so I go to the IDE Options, go to “Interfaces” and put in “COM4” in the section “Communicationport” and the program has the AUDACITY to say “C-Control Hardware not found”, even though it’s connected through the cable.

A friend of mine suggested to echo the signal back via terminal but that’s all he said before hanging up and I have no clue what the hell that means lol. So if any of you guys know how to echo back a signal of a port back into your computer (to see if the cable/port is really working I suppose) then please help me with that too!

I hope this information is enough, I know I know “OP never delivers”, so if I forgot something very important please let me knowwww ;3.

Thank you so much in advance!

PS: The cable is called “Voltcraft USB-Programmer”, it has 4 metal pins which are GND (I think that’s ground), VBUS, TXD_5V, and RXD, whatever those 3 mean. In my device manager, the driver is called “Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM4)”… if that helps you lol.

PPS: If you would help me in any way that would be sooo nice! This robot really means a lot to me and seeing my uneducated *** not understanding how the software works is really frustrating because I don’t know much about software in general.

bye bye 🙂

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