[News] ROS 2 Dashing Diademata Released!

It is sort of late as it was released almost two week ago but I think it would be interesting to make a post to discuss the new release as it is the first release of a ROS2 “LTS” (2 years support) !

The related forum post is here and the release page here

The important points for this release are:

  • Components are now the recommended way to write nodes. They can be used standalone as well as being composed within a process and both ways are fully support from launch files.

  • The intra-process communication (C++ only) has been improved – both in terms of latency as well as minimizing copies.

  • The Python client library has been updated to match most of the C++ equivalent and some important bug fixes and improvements have landed related to memory usage and performance.

  • Parameters are now a complete alternative to dynamic_reconfigure from ROS 1 including constraints like ranges or being read-only.

  • Command line tools related to actions and components.

  • Support for Deadline, Lifespan & Liveliness quality of service settings.

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