[Question] What are the 3 output wires of a BEC?

So, I’m designing electronics now for a robot. I plan on using an up Board for compute on the robot. It needs 5V, 4A continuous power.

I’m thinking a BEC. I’ve got a castle creations 5v, 10A BEC sitting around. It has 3 output wires with some sort of connector on the end for RC receivers. I’ve been trying to figure out what the 3 wires are? Why 3? I expected GND, +5V — which ones are which in BECs? What’s the third wire for? Is there a universal color code?

I’ve already googled this stuff, and found lots of marketing fluff on why to buy X brand BEC. I want to know what’s on the wires…

If I don’t use a BEC, and instead use a Buck converter, then I need to figure out the right one to do 4A or more continuous.

I found this video on converters, using the TI Lm2678 — that seems to be only 3A continous, and most buck converters seem to be rated for maximum current rather than continuous. How do I figure out which one supports 4A continuous?

Thanks in advance!

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