Wake Forest Univ. to Use ScheduleAnywhere for Officer, Staff Scheduling


Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. announced today that the Wake Forest University Police Department, Winston-Salem, N.C., has implemented ScheduleAnywhere as its officer scheduling solution.

ScheduleAnywhere online employee scheduling software makes it possible to schedule and coordinate with officers and staff from any computer or mobile device with internet access.

The scheduling software replaces the police department’s previous online scheduling software, which was unable to accommodate scheduling for the department’s complex and varied schedules.

“Building the formulas for our many schedules was frustrating and time-consuming with our old software,” said Sergeant Craig Bullins. “What took me eight hours with the previous system, takes only 30 minutes with ScheduleAnywhere.”

With ScheduleAnywhere, managers can easily create an unlimited number of online schedules for multiple locations or departments by position, skill or shift. Administrators, officers and staff can access work schedules from any location to effectively communicate and manage scheduling needs.

The software includes an integrated messaging system, so managers can email or text all employees, individuals, or a select group of employees about items such as open shifts, additional hours, overtime or meeting reminders.

Users can request and approve time off, instantly communicate schedule updates, and review coverage and staffing needs. The software tracks staffing requirements and levels to ensure proper shift coverage and fundamentally reduce scheduling errors and conflicts.

Furthermore, the technology is easy to implement and simple to use.

“The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate,” said Bullins. “The transition from our old system to ScheduleAnywhere was seamless, and our account executive has been extremely helpful.”

In addition to streamlining scheduling and communication, ScheduleAnywhere tracks certifications and training, manages shift rotations and staff availability, and helps estimate labor costs.

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