[Q] Arduino Mega equivalent that can run Linux?

I’m trying to create a project that will required quite a lot of IO pins, both analog and digital. Specifically, I’m trying to monitor my plants water level and integrate it with my existing monitoring system running Zabbix. So, I want to write an API that the Zabbix server can hit to request the current water status of each plant. Then it will alert me when any drop too low. This will require one analog input per plant, currently five. Ideally the SBC would also have wifi built in, but if not, I can always use a USB one.

Part two of the project is to then water the plants automatically with a gravity-fed solenoid. This will require one digital IO pin per solenoid, also five.

There’s many other projects I have in mind as well, but this is the first one I want to tackle.

I apologize if this isn’t the correct subreddit. I couldn’t find one that caters to my use case specifically and “robotics” seemed the closest.

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