[Q]uestion – My 4 year old son is OBSESSED with robotics and has been ever since he could talk. Are there any good resources that anyone here would recommend to a 4 year old to encourage and challenge an inquisitive mind?

[Q]uestion – Ever since he could talk (over 1.5 years ago), and even before that now that I think about it, my 4 year old son has been OBSESSED with robots and robotics. We get him toys and he pulls them apart to see how they work, then puts them back together (usually unsuccessfully, but he’s getting better at it).

I’ve been looking to find some good resources like YouTube channels, books and LEGO sets that can really help encourage him to continue to learn and grow his passion but I wanted to see if anyone here on reddit had some good ideas that perhaps I hadn’t considered.

Does anyone have any good ideas? He hasn’t started school yet and so his reading level is only basic.

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