[Question] Looking for suggestions for cameras to mount on a large rover

I’m working on a project for a large (semi-autonomous) rover & crane robot. We are looking to install cameras pointing at different locations on the rover and crane so the operators can see everything from a mobile console unit. Ideally, I want to get PoE IP Camera’s as I’d like to embed the streams directly into our ElectronJS application instead of buying an off the shelf system and having to use their software.

We do need these cameras to be IP-67 rated as it will be driving outdoors some of the time so I’ve mainly been looking at home security cameras as they are widely available. Those cameras have a lot of extra features however that we do not need such as inferred or night mode, LED rings, manual/auto pan and tilt (we want to make our own mounts that position the cameras to look in specific directions without the possibility of them moving) which make them quite bulky.

I’m curious if anyone has any suggestions for industrial cameras for robots that can stream their video feed over Ethernet, are IP-67, are color, and don’t have potato video quality. Our budget per camera is couple hundred bucks, but the few industrial cameras I’ve found have been like $1200 for just the sensor sans any lenses and haven’t been IP-67.

Ideally something like this would be great but this isnt IP-67:


I think my best option so far is something like this eyeball camera but I don’t like the fact that an operator could bump the camera and rotate it by accident. Also its kind of big at 4″x4″ for mounting it.


I’ve mainly been searching things like IP Camera, POE Camera, Industrial Network Camera. Let me know if you can recommend a camera or maybe even a search term to narrow my search. Thanks!

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