DENSO shows new entry-level, large-part assembly robots at ATX West

DENSO Robotics LPH series

The DENSO Robotics LPH model is an entry-level SCARA system.

At this week’s ATX West 2020 manufacturing event, DENSO Robotics was showcasing new robots aimed at entry-level manufacturing applications, as well as a new series of high-performance robots for large part manufacturing.

The new products include the LPH series, aimed to meet demand for precision robots for light-duty manufacturing applications, and the VM-VL series, large assembly robots aimed at manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and other industrial applications.

The entry-level LPH

The light and compact LPH is a 4-axis SCARA system that can handle a maximum payload of more than 6 pounds (3 kg), with a maximum arm reach of 1.3 feet (400 mm). The company said when it is operated routinely at the highest rated payload, the LPH has a life cycle of up to five years, with even a longer life cycle for lighter loads.

DENSO said it developed the LPH for equipment manufacturers new to automation, companies reinventing their product lines every three to five years, and entrepreneurs launching new devices that are looking for less expensive options.

“You don’t buy a big rig when all you need is a van to deliver your product,” said David Robers, sales manager at DENSO Robotics, a division of DENSO Products and Services Americas. “The LPH is the ideal solution for manufacturers looking for a best-in-class robot to handle lighter-duty production that doesn’t justify a huge capital investment.”

Additional features include a large T-axis with a gripper design that offers a high degree of freedom, supporting different configurations. A high-performance RCA controller helps increase operational efficiency by allowing the robot and surrounding equipment to be controlled together, DENSO said.

A free option of the system enables direct control of the robot from the programmable logic controller through the function block feature. This supports 107 types of commands that can be pre-programmed, saving time by allowing adjustments to be made without needing to create additional programs.

VM-VL offer heavier payloads

The company was also showing off its VM-VL series of robots at the ATX West event in advance of their market release later this summer.

The VM robots can handle payloads of up to 55 pounds (25 kg), and come in two versions – one with a reach of nearly 5 feet (1.5 meters), and the other with a maximum arm reach of nearly 6 feet (1.8 meters). The VL robot model can handle payloads of up to 88 pounds (40 kg), with a maximum arm reach of more than 8 feet (2.5 meters).

Additional features include enhanced internal wiring, the company’s RC9 programmable logic controller, and WINCAPS Plus, new software that optimizes 3D visual programming, motion planning and position guidance. The new software supports five languages – English, Japanese, Chinese, German and Korean.

“We’re excited to introduce the high quality, functionality, reliability and safety of DENSO robots in a new, larger footprint,” said Robers. “With the VM-VL series, DENSO has expanded its universe of precision robotics to support large platform manufacturing in addition to light-duty and medium-duty production.”

The company is aiming the VM-VL at applications that include large part assembly, long reach computer tool tending, palletizing and depalletizing, material removal and deburring, and 3D bin picking. DENSO said VM models can also be used in clean room settings such as electronics, pharmaceutical, biomedical, food processing, aerospace, technology, and other industries that have stringent sanitation requirements. The VL models also meet resistance standards for automation in harsh environments, such as where oil residue and water vapor are present.

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