[D] Going from a UK bachelors to a US masters

Hello! I’m originally from Canada but I wanted to go to Europe for my bachelors.

I am currently finishing my mechanical engineering degree at a London university known for it. I’m on track for a first (70% overall) and my major project is building, and testing a surface electromyographically (sEMG) controlled 3D printed forearm & hand (Inmoov design).

I’ve decided to take a year off after I graduate to do coding bootcamps and my own projects to get experienced in C++, Python, Java, and data sciences. (and to spend time/move in with my brother to help him as he just turned 20 and is really lost with life). This is due to the lack of coding experience my university provided. Instead providing tolerancing, project/risk management, CFD/FEA, and CAD skills.

I would like to work on any project involving the growth of neuroprosthetics (Googles Kernal, Neuralink, etc). My next step is to do a masters in robotics specializing into medical/data analytics before I step into industry.

One of my worries is the US masters wont take my degree with respect as it was 3 years and theirs are 4 years. However I did do a placement at an aerospace company as a development engineer so it has been kind of 4 years for myself.

What should my next steps be? Did I make a mistake going to the UK?

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