[Q] Tips on choosing controller for quadcopter to be used for drone fishing

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Hi! New to quadcopter building and robotics, in general. TLDR in last paragraph.

I am an ME student in the Philippines and my final project is to create a quadcopter to be used for drone casting (hobby fishing wherein the drone casts the bait, in case you don’t know) and to program the controller such that it is specialized for that application, i.e. it can compensate for the varying load vector on the drone when the fishing line is considered long such that it may cause instability.

One suggestion I got from my adviser is to use Raspberry Pi and an Arduino as flight controller. The RPi will be used to hold the PID programs (and later on, fuzzy logic, as explained in the next paragraph) while the Arduino will be used to interface the receiver and ESCs.

I don’t have any background with RPi yet but I am willing to learn as fast as I can. My concern is that I have limited time to create this (around 2-3 months) and I know that quadcopter-building is very challenging and could take a long time to finish. This is why I would like to have a head start with regards to the flight controller. In other words, I want to have a pre-programmed flight controller instead of programming one from scratch. This is also why (presumably) my adviser suggested Arduino since open-source programs for quadcopter flight control are available online. Also, later on, I will be incorporating intelligent control (e.g. fuzzy logic) in conjunction/replacement to PID controls. This is one requirement from my adviser.

With the context given above, however, I am still doubtful if using Arduino is enough of a head start for me. This is because I also came across Navio, a RasPi HAT which has advanced flight control functions for drones and the like, and I thought to myself that this can be very helpful in giving me more head start though I’m still unsure with it because of its expensiveness and hard accessibility specially from my country, as well as my unfamiliarity with it (in comparison to Arduino).

I have also read about other flight controllers but I am fearful that they may be too unfamiliar or too hard to use for me compared to an Arduino.

In summary, what I’m really asking is some suggestions as to which flight controller (with available pre-programmed controls) I must use with RPi which can give me a good head start for flying a quadcopter. Sorry for the wall of text.

TLDR; which pre-programmed flight controller should i use with RPi to save time in building and flying a quadcopter?

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