The Robot Report February 2020 issue on end-of-arm tooling

We hope that you find the latest edition of The Robot Report informative. This month’s issue is devoted to grippes and other robotic end-of-arm tooling.

The insert appeared in the February 2020 print issue of Design World, sibling publication to The Robot Report, Collaborative Robotics Trends, and Robotics Business Review. The February 2020 issue includes the following articles:

How Converge Robotics Group plans to advance telerobotics

Three companies have combined efforts to integrate technologies and enable an operator to control robots through natural user interfaces. The group’s demonstration at re:MARS 2019 earned a thumbs-up from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

‘Active perception’ a novel approach to robotic grasping

Training a robot to accurately and quickly grasp moving objects in cluttered spaces isn’t easy. A team at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision is taking a new approach.

Flexible gripper handles dozens of parts for manufacturer

Tomenson Machine Works turned to an OnRobot gripper and a UR3 collaborative robot arm and end-of-arm tooling to automate a pin-stamping application for greater consistency and to relieve human workers.

Force-torque sensor shines in robotic glass polishing

France-based Saint-Gobain has been producing glass for more than 350 years. The polishing process is repetitive, so the company looked at a Robotiq sensor and gripper on a UR10 cobot to reduce worker strain and increase capacity.

Four trends in end-of-arm tooling

Robotic grippers and manipulation are evolving, partly because of the need for diverse and precise applications such as e-commerce order fulfillment. The Robot Report‘s editors spoke with experts on developments in end-of-arm tooling compatibility, safety, and more.

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