[Q] Monocular camera for ROS


I and a coworker are working on a robot suppose to grasp an object. But wee needs a monocular camera for the project.

Cameras that so far are under considerations. 1. Logitech C310 2. acA640-90uc – Basler ace 3. LI-AR0231-GMSL2-XAVIER

Both of the last ones are expensive while the first one is cheap. But I can’t find anything that is a midrange of cheap and expensive. Giving us good quality sensor/optics, lowish latency and a two-meter cord.

Stated as a list this would be good to have of the camera. 1. Compatible with ROS Melodic. 2. (Hard requirement) Works with Jetson AGX Xavier. 3. Pre-calibrated with camera parameters in a ROS wrapper. 4. Reasonably low latency, Not too high resolution 5. long cord as it’s going to be mounted on a robot arm.

The frame rate does not matter too much in this application. But around 10 to 40fps.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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