[Question] Suggestions for small robotic arm with a 360 motorized swivel

Hi I am looking for a very small (desktop-size) robotic arm that can be used in a similar manner to a DIY SMT pick-and-place machine/3D printer. The only difference is that instead of using a Cartesian 3-axis positioner system to navigate the arm, I was thinking of using a robotic arm. The arm would also need to be able to swivel in 360 degrees, but I guess that could be implemented separately on a motorized swivel that the arm would be placed on top of.

A vacuum head/claws would be placed on the head of the arm to pick up objects. I have also considered using a control and positioner system similar to that of Delta 3D printers, but it seems like the robotic arm would save more space.

Does anyone have any suggestions for these types of robotic arms? The ones that I could find tend to go in the upper hundred range and do not seem to be able to have a vacuum head or smaller claw added to the arm. Thank you!

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