[Q] Getting jobs in robotics and engineering

Hello, I’m interested in getting into engineering, specifically robotics engineering, in the future and I was wondering what sorts of jobs you can have and what to look for?

I’m 18 years old and live in Toronto, I’ve been interested in robotics and engineering for almost my whole life. I’m currently applying for university and have an offer from a school near me (Ontario Tech University) and waiting for Waterloo or UofT to respond to my application. I’ve applied for mechatronics engineering and mechanical engineering where possible. I plan to get a master’s in engineering after finishing my bachelors in engineering as well. I am not really afraid that I won’t be able to study engineering, but rather what I will do after the fact.

I’ve seen all of these cool robotics projects being done around the world by companies like NASA, SpaceX, Amazon, Honda and the like, but in my area it doesn’t seem like there are many engineering opportunities for me, and according to other people not many people have had an opportunity to do engineering even if they ended up going to the states for a co-op placement (with waterloo). I’m afraid that once I get out of school and into the job market I won’t be able to pursue anything in engineering seeing that local examples are so scarce.

I guess my question is, if you are an engineer, where are you working now? How did you end up there? Do I need to be outstanding in the field to get a job? What obstacles did you have to overcome when it came to building a career in engineering?

Any and all help is much appreciated. I’m very nervous for my future and not sure if I should expect to do engineering in the future.

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