The Robot Report March 2020 issue on cobots

We hope you find the latest edition of The Robot Report informative. This month’s issue is devoted to collaborative robots.

The insert appeared in the March 2020 print issue of Design World, sibling publication to The Robot Report, Collaborative Robotics Trends, and Robotics Business Review. The March 2020 issue includes the following articles:

MiR, UR opening $36M ‘cobot hub’ in Denmark

Mobile Industrial Robots and Universal Robots, along with their US-based parent company Teradyne, are investing $36 million into the construction of a “cobot hub” in Odense, Denmark. Both MiR and UR are based in Odense, which the companies call the “cobot capital of the world.” The two companies will remain separate entities, but a new 50,000-square-meter cobot hub will become the joint headquarters for the companies.

Cobot pioneer Esben Østergaard finds life after UR

The Robot Report caught up with the Universal Robots Co-Founder, who recently founded REInvest Robotics, an accelerator platform that provides advice, guidance, and angel funding to robotics startups. At press time, REInvest Robotics had invested an undisclosed amount into two robotics startups.

Sawyer’s machine tending skills help manufacturer increase quality

Fitzpatrick Manufacturing, a Sterling Heights, Michigan-based CNC machine shop and custom manufacturer founded in 1952, supplies parts to more than a dozen sectors, including aerospace, automotive, medical equipment and oil and gas. It turned to automation to increase operational efficiency and improve part quality.

5 collaborative robotics trends to watch in 2020

Collaborative robot arms may have started out as a niche within industrial automation, but expanding capabilities and new applications show that the idea of robots working with humans continues to catch on. Still, cobots face challenges, from slowed demand in manufacturing to the need to demonstrate to smaller businesses that they are truly flexible and easy enough to use. From better sensors to mobile manipulation, here are growth factors for cobots in 2020.

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