Does anyone know where i can find more info on go/weiqi/baduk playing robots?

and i dont mean the alpha go AI, i mean 1 , 2, 3 , 4(i think this is just an image, not real) , different construction style i personally dont like as much 5 , 6 (seems most feasible for me to actually make but is clunky and probly wouldnt work well in a real game on a crowded board)

the idea (i have no experience in this so its more of just a fantasy idea) would be to have a robot that can place stones, connected to my computer via software programming/coding (something i also dont know how to do), so that the robot plays a human (or AI) opponents move from an online game in real time, but on my real life board. i can play my moves, and the robot would serve as a proxy for my online opponent; instead of me having to either play only online and lose the aesthetic tactile experience of real stones and board, or have to frantically try to play not only my moves but my opponents as well.

edit: additionally, id like it if the bot could read my moves and enter them on the computer automatically–that way i wouldn’t have to play my moves on the board AND have to click them in on the computer. the bot would see where i placed my stone, and once it had a cue or i press a button (cue such as the sound of the stone hitting the board), it would enter my move in the game corresponding to where i placed the stone on the board

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