From EE to Robotics

I will start Electrical Engineering, but the first 3 semesters will be like Mechatronics Engineering (that’s actually the reason why I chose this course at this Uni). Basically, I wanna get into the field of Robotics and wanna do it from scratch – from designing, building all the way to controlling). Everything as a hobby, as I will start working for Siemens(dual/cooperative studies), but it will be in the Smart Infrastructures Division – a lot to do with Building Automation, Optimisation of energy use, etc… – that may help a bit, mainly in the programming/control area, but Robotics stuff isn’t the real focus of the branch, that’s why I said it’d be personal interests, not really exactly because of the job.

Background and further info: – I am taking an online course and am learning C++. – I have only high school, but I have taken the 3 Calculus and Linear Algebra classes already (learning stuff is also a hobby), and my next step would be Differential Equations (just got Advanced Engineering Mathematics, by Dennis G. Zill, 6th Ed.) – I am also learning some EE stuff with Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, by Charles Alexander, 7th Ed.

I know I will definitely have to learn the things I mentioned above, but I am sure there are other things I could already start learning.

What skills should I add to my project? I have read a lot about the topic already, but I would like other opinions.

I will mention the topics I have found in common the most, and if you guys have some thoughts on it, please share. If not, it’s fine too.

ROS/Gazebo, SLAM, MATLAB, Atmega32, SolidWorks, Eagle, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Lagragian and Hamilton Mechanics, Electronics, Control Systems, Computer Vision, Embedded Systems.

Now, for example, your comments should be of the type: – ROS: This one is programmed in C++ or Python, so, you should wait till you have learned C++ or Python. – MATLAB: It’s good to know, but mostly for… and when you… – Electronics: The electronics background you will need can be learnt in/using/… – Embedded Systems: you should start with…

and so on, this way I can make a plan.

Thanks a lot for you time.

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