The Robot Report April 2020 Issue: Healthcare Robotics

We hope you find the latest edition of The Robot Report informative. This month’s issue is devoted to healthcare robotics, in particular how the industry is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

The insert appeared in the April 2020 print issue of Design World, sibling publication to The Robot Report, Collaborative Robotics Trends, and Robotics Business Review. The April 2020 issue includes the following articles:

COVID-19 a wake-up call for robotics developers

Suddenly, autonomous machines need to be better than just proof of concepts. They can no longer depend on on-site engineering support for edge cases. They must be robust enough to work independently across various real-life situations. The industry needs to take on much-needed reforms towards real-world autonomous systems in the following three areas.

Robotics industry responds to the COVID-19 pandemic

The novel coronavirus has increased interest in robots, drones, and artificial intelligence. These technologies can help deal with massive staffing shortages in healthcare, manufacturing, and supply chains; the need for “social distancing;” and diagnosis and treatment. We don’t yet know the long-term effects, but here are more examples of how robotics is addressing the challenges posed by the pandemic.

How robotic guidance can improve neurosurgery outcomes

Phoenix Children’s Hospital recently became the first health system in the U.S. to deploy Medtronic’s Stealth Autoguide platform, which robotically assists neurosurgeons for more accurate positioning of instruments during procedures. We spoke to Dr. Adelson about the hospital’s interest in the system and the benefits for surgeons using the robotic guidance system.

Blood-drawing robot shows promising results

The first human clinical trials of a blood sampling and testing robot promised benefits for both patients and healthcare workers, reported Rutgers University this week. The trials found that an automated blood-drawing device developed over the past six years by a Rutgers-led team performed as well or better than human clinicians.

Diligent Robotics designs Moxi to aid stressed clinicians

Even before the current global health crisis, many nurses were forced to spend time on non-nursing activities, according to a study by the Institute of Medicine. More than 30% of hospitals reported that they could not find enough candidates to fill open clinical positions, and clinician turnover was almost 20%. Diligent Robotics, an Austin, Texas-based healthcare robotics startup, is developing Moxi, a mobile manipulator designed to assist hospital personnel.

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