Can anyone provide feedback on the quality of robotics engineering BS at UCSC, ASU or other colleges ? Having a real hard time finding good in depth reviews and feedback.

I’m a PLC programmer/Industrial Electrician/Instrument Tech. looking to switch things up a little. I am interested in industrial robotics, automation and controls.

I’ve been looking at some programs and the ASU program as well as the UCSC program caught my eye. I would love to get into a robotics programs because it feels like a good mix of electrical, mechanical and computer science. However robotics focused programs are rare and electrical engineering and mechanical engineering on their own does not interest me that much.

Can anyone provide feedback on those programs ? Are they more focused on the industrial applications or on R&D ? Are they mostly classwork or is there a good balance of lab/shop work ? Is a masters worth it?

Thanks for the help!

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