I need a Jarvis

Yes I said that right. I need a Jarvis. Lot’s of you probably have thought of this before as well. I thought of this, and gave up on it a little while ago, as I realized that this may be difficult to create. I have an Alexa in my room, but inside of the Alexa app on my iPhone, you are only allowed to change her name to “Computer” “Echo” “Amazon” or keep it as “Alexa”. This made me feel like I may need to actually program a software from scratch, with the wake work as Jarvis, or have to go inside of the software of Alexa and manually change her name.

I thought this, until I finally had a bright idea: Hardware. Let me elaborate. On the outside of the Echo Dot, there’s a dot button. Pressing this dot button manually wakes up Alexa without having to say her name. Taking advantage of this feature means that I can simply program a robot to activate upon the word Jarvis, and it will click that button. This allows me to essentially wake up Alexa by saying Jarvis, and provides to me all of the benefits of having Alexa – I get Jarvis pre-programmed by Amazon!

Now that we’ve got the “what” out of the way, I need to figure out the “how”. I have no idea how to program a robot to click a button. If anybody either knows a simple way to make this small robot, or has a new and/or more effective way to achieve the goal of having a Jarvis, please drop your ideas down below. Anything and everything helps!

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