Portable Power Supply for small scale Robot w/ Servo Motor control


I want to design a battery pack system in order to make my servo motor project(a simple 3D printed robot arm) portable. MY servos run off 5V ( SG90s and SG5010) and worst case scenario if all of my motors are in a stall state the current draw is around ~2.2A. SO right now I have the servos powered via an 5V 3A power source (just a wall jack power source). I would like to create a battery supply that could also meet these requirements.

My first thought was to use 2, 18650 batteries in series to create a max 8.4V battery pack, and step that voltage down to a regulated 5V. Diving deeper into 18650 batteries I see many articles, videos talking about BMS for such battery packs in order to have charge, discharge, and short circuit protection.

So my main question/concern is, is it feasible to integrate a 18650 battery pack system with a proper BMS with a buck converter to step the voltage down to 5V? Or is there a glaring issue I am missing here.

Or is there a much simpler solution I am missing here to achieve a 5V Max 3A discharge portable power supply?

I have my BS in EE, but our course load was mainly basic physics, digital and power electronics, computer programming, power and RF. BMS were something we never discussed in detail and are quite new to me. Any suggestions or ideas is greatly appreciated!

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