Collaborative Automation Powered by Dobot CR5: It’s Not Just Another Cobot

Collaborative Automation Powered by Dobot CR5: It's Not Just Another Cobot

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Over the last decade, we saw cobots moving beyond the low-hanging fruit of machine tending and material handling. Cobots nowadays are built to work safely with humans and becoming increasingly capable of more complete and application-specific solutions.

DOBOT CR5 collaborative robot simplifies programming and controls methods, making it even easier for operators with no programming experience to deploy and set up. Integrate DOBOT CR5 with a variety of vision modules, end effectors, sensors, and other peripheral tooling and the versatile 6-axis robot will excel at your desired applications. Take a look at the following applications and see how DOBOT CR5 distinguishes itself from other cobots and comes out as one of the best picks for cost-effective cobots.

What’s the specialty of Dobot CR5 cobot compared to other cobots

Easy to Use

  • teaching by demonstration: teach the robot a new task by simply moving the robot through the pathway to the correct position and with a touch of a button.
  • easy programming: support visual, drag & drop and block-based programming language including Blockly
  • multiple control methods: support WIFI connection, APP on iPads and tablets as well as teach pendant

Safe to Work Alongside

  • Multiple protections: camera entry detection; real-time obstacle avoidance with every-5ms dynamic monitoring, 10cm-proximity pre-touch sensing & online route planning

Wide Compatibility

  • able to work with mainstream end-effectors and accessories; support chip implantation like Google TPU2 and TensorFlow chips for feature extraction, pattern matching and model training

Whether it’s Pick & Place, Sanding & Polishing, Screw Driving or Wire Harness Testing, you will find Dobot CR5 balance safety with accuracy and speed for use in human-robot collaborative applications really well.

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