Majoring in CS vs EE for a future in robotics? Not sure what side has a better future outlook

A few years ago I got my BS in an unrelated degree. Two CS research internships later in computer vision, then robot learning, I am now going back for a second bachelors. I am 98% certain that robot learning is my life’s passion and what I want to focus on, and I am generally interested in machine learning algorithms that have applications in robotics and other fields (GANs, CNNs, RNNS…etc). But I can’t help but wonder if I am missing out not getting a major in EE. I would like to be a roboticist but mainly focus on the algorithms (high level programming preferably), but is there more of a need for EEs in robotics more?

I think I could find both sides interesting, but fear I am not smart enough for electrical engineering.

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