Bipedal walking

Heres a question for everyone, so bipedal mechs are difficult, we all know this, and it seems to be because theres so much involved when it comes to walking, that computers cant account for all of this. (That’s what I get from some pretty limited research) but heres the question, why cant we just strap a human into a sort of suit, kind of like in Pacific rim how they are in these big harnesses and they essentially make normal walking movements, and thus the robot copies that movement? Along with movement feedback so that if the mech begins to fall, the ‘pilot’ so to speak would feel that fall, and could react accordingly, which again the mech could follow?

The main issue I can see is the fact that the mech would have to be quite large in order to accommodate the cockpit, which then invokes the square cube law. I’m far from an expert in this, but I’d love to hear from all of you!

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