What are Promising Research Fields in Robotics (for PhD Students) ?

I will be a first-year PhD student in Robotics this Fall. During my first semester, I will have to choose 2-3 professors to work for, and eventually select one professor to be my research advisor at the end of the semester. To be honest, I am not particularly interested in any robotics topic and will be happy to try out new fields in robotics.

Therefore, if you are familiar with robotics research or pursuing PhD study in this field, could you give me some advice?

  1. In your opnion, what are the current promising research field(s) in robotics?

From what I have heard from many people, Machine Learning for robotics is a pretty interesting and trending topic right now. What is your opinion on the potential of this field? Do you think studying this field would help PhD students be more competitive in the job market after graduation?

  1. Within this topic (machine learning for robotics), what are some sub-fields that you think would be most promising within the next 1-10 years (Reinforcement Learning, robot vision, etc.) ?

Thanks a lot for your time!

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