Super beginner question on autonomous driving towards a detected point

Hi everyone, I’m currently working on a project where the end goal is to have my RC car drive towards a point of interest.

I am using a raspberry pi and a PiCamera (mounted on the RC car) to control the servo and PWM of an RC car. Currently, I am able to detect the point of interest (using ArUco markers) and drive towards the marker in a straight line.

Currently, I look for a marker and if there is a marker in sight, I throttle forward until the camera is less than a certain distance from the marker and at that point I set the throttle to 0. So its very very basic right now and I would like to be able to more intelligently/elegantly drive towards the marker and in more than just a straight line. I am not having to worry about any types of obstacles in the way of the car, just getting from my current location to the marker.

If anyone can provide some advice on what I can start looking into to help achieve this I would really appreciate it. I am really new to robotics in general and don’t really even know what to look into.

Thanks in advance to any help!

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