Virtual Robotics Club

I need help coming up with ideas on how to run my high school robotics club in the midst of Covid 19.

Quick History Over the past two years I fought tooth and nail to make a robotics club in my school happen, and during the 2019-2020 school year it did. Myself and a small group of other very committed students got to work teaching people the basics of c, c++, and mechanical design. Our goal was to particiapte in our local Botball competition ( an autonomous robot building competition). But less then two weeks after getting our kits, the school shut down.

Actual Discussion Now I want to find a way to do some sort of robotics club with either the hybrid model that my school has proposed or a fully virtual model. I know enough to teach basic mechatronics and arduino, but Im not sure what kinds of projects I would try to do. My first thought was to try and make cardboard or 1lb battlebots and fight them every other day, but it looks like after school clubs are going to be a no go. Competitions like Zero Robotics might also be a neat option.

Let me know what you think. Do you have a local or school robotics club? If so, do you have any plans this year?

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