Anyone else a fan of McMaster-Carr to get parts for your robotics projects? I made a Chrome Extension to have fun browsing their catalog

McMaster is a great resource to get parts for my projects and I love to browse through the massive catalog of products that McMaster-Carr sells and always thought that a tool to bring you to a random product page would be fun. Here is my attempt at making that dream come true as a free Chrome Extension. I’ve also incorporated a search tool and have some other ideas to add down the line.

The extension is available here:
Code is here:

With v1.0.0 the random feature references an array of URLs pulled from one of McMaster’s sitemap XML files with over 57,000 unique URLs for browsing their online catalog. While this won’t auto-update with any new products McMaster adds and it doesn’t get you the resolution that individual part numbers would, it’s the best way I figured out how to make this happen so far and is still a blast to see the vast scope of product offerings from McMaster this way.

This is a fan made project and is not affiliated with McMaster-Carr. I am no coding expert so there are likely many improvements that can be made to the code for efficiency and such – feel free to contribute to the project! I’m just happy to be having fun with learning how to make this happen.

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