Asking for some tips to start a career in robotics

Hello! I’m doing a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and about to graduate in about 8 months! The only reason I went through the trouble of getting a double degree was because I thought I would have gained necessary skills to work in the robotics industry (such as, Boston Dynamics). As I am few months away from graduation I have figured out that I don’t have anything other than an “obstacle escaping arduino based robot” project in my resume.

In the next few months I really want to focus on some personal projects that will look good in my resume. For my first project, I was thinking of first designing a robot on Solidworks (let me know if there is anything better for robotics that people use in the industry), simulate it in Webots (again, let me know anything better that is frequently used in the industry). I’m planning to add basic AI features in the robot (ex. recognizing different objects). For this, I am thinking of using Deep learning with ROS and Tensorflow. Later, I want to 3d print and make an actual prototype of the robot with a raspberry pi.

I don’t have an actual design in my mind yet. These are sort of initial planning. I will really appreciate if you guys share some of your thoughts, career/resume advices, resources, experiences, or even criticism about the project idea.

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