Making a Business of Robotics – How do I go from a prototype to a product?

I’ve been programming 20 years. Building robots, RC cars, 3d printers and cnc machines for about 12. Mostly little simple stepper motor controllers and tool path planning for industrial 6 axis cnc machines, NUM and Fanuc controllers, micron level precision, plus Arduino and random micro electronics.

Lately I have ideas to build robots and sell them like a business, but I don’t know where to begin. I can make just about anything in my back yard, but how do I go about making something like a roomba commercially?

I know all common programing languages, arduino, linux raspberry pi, openCV and I’m teaching myself ROS and FPGA. I have ideas for some awesome robots, but once I get my prototype made… then what? I have a basic RC car that drives around the yard on it’s own. It’s all bare wires and batteries. Roomba is just beautiful in it’s design and simplicity. I tend to use sticky tape and zip ties.

Any books or websites or random conversations you could help me with would be appreciated. Hell I’ll buy you a pizza or something if you’ll do a zoom meeting.

Thank you so much.

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