Where do I start?

I’m a biology PhD candidate, and I got interested in because I would like to build one for use in one of my experiments. Now, I have no experience, and no knowledge, but also nobody around me who can collaborate/help out with the project, so I need to build it on my own. Just tin

The ultimate aim, is to have a robot fish which performs a tail flick behaviour when it perceives a smaller fish. I’ve read research papers and other literature which give an idea on how to go about it, but those are aimed at people who have a prior knowledge of robotics.

Since I don’t, and I’ll have to start and learn on my own, I’m intimidated by what a steep learning curve lies ahead. I’d be grateful for any advice on where to start. Just to be clear, I know I’ll have to start right at the bottom, but I’m game, because this does seem like something I’d like to do long term as well.

Thank you, in advance.

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