Should I do my undergrad in EE or CS if I want to get into robotics?

I’m still not sure whether I want to do research or industry, but I’m looking to at least get a Masters in robotics after I do my undergraduates.

I’m struggling to pick between EE or CS. Here are some of my interests: AI, ML, autonomous robots, soft robots/bio-inspired robots. From what I’ve read, a CS degree might fit my interests more, but an EE degree is more broad will open more doors to other stuff I’m interested in outside of robotics. I’m leaning more to EE.

My concern is, if I major in EE, would I still be able to specialize in AI, ML, autonomy, etc, at grad school or is that just for the CS majors? For instance, in the modules list for one of the unis I’m applying to, the 3rd/4th year has some classes in Machine Learning and programming, so I think I should be able to, but I’m looking for second opinions.

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