Best Project for Autonomous Navigation

I’ve recently graduated in Mechatronics Engineering and in the stage of trying to find my first job, aiming towards autonomous driving (not self-driving cars, but just autonomous mobile vehicles in any industry). In my final capstone project I had to make an autonomous balancing robot but never got the chance to actually make it autonomous.

What would be the best project for me to start in right now to try and help me gain skills and experience to match the job description of an autonomous driving engineer?

My idea was to actually build an autonomous mobile robot, specifically with ROS, and tech such as LiDAR, Depth Camera (I already have some experience with these during the capstone project, I was able to just visualize a 2D MAP with the LiDAR but didn’t get the robot to move in any way let alone have it drive autonomously. (I also thought of potentially going into machine learning after I’ve done all this but that’s getting ahead of myself.

Would this be a good approach to the goal I have? Or should I be doing something else? Any insight or help would be great (:

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