What can i build to impress a top robotic firm in an interview?

Long story short (Bonus point if you answer from inside a top robotic firm like Boston Dynamics or Universal Robots):

I would like to apply for a robotic firm in the future, assuming i get to the interview, i would like to impress them with what can i build as a statement of my capabilities (even if i dont have them, im sure i can learn how to in a short period of time) and if i can’t, probably its a flag to focus more on my own development.

What should i show up with to impress them as a potential candidate?

I had an idea of building a small biped similar to ed-209 (from Robocop) but no servos, actual brushless custom actuators. But im open to ideas on what would impress YOU if someone would show up asking for a job.

This goes also as i dont have a formal top degree (MIT masters or equivalent) but i would like to see what would i have to show to be compared to someone with one.

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