Best ways to approach the field of robotics as an aeronautical engineering student

Hi everyone.

I am a second year student in aerounatical engineering studying in the Netherlands. I love what I’m studying and obtained fairly decent results throughout my first year, with an average of 80 percent for all subjects. Having done an introductory course in python, I would like to expand my programming skills,which I think would be valuable once I need to find a job or internship. Since robotics is very closely related to programming, and I think in the future it might even be partly applied to aircrafts control systems, I have been looking for summer schools in Europe that offer a robotics introductory course,without success, as most of the ones I found were for post graduate students .

Therefore, what would you suggest is the best way to get a good knowledge of robotics,especially to apply programming to robotics?

I have good mathematical knowledge (calc 1 to 3 and some linear algebra) and have done aerodynamics and dynamics exams.

Should I be self studying from books, search for an online course or is there anything else I can do?

Thank you very much.

I saw a similar post as mine however it was from a high school student,thus I thought by creating a new post i could get some more specific advice.

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