Are You Making These 9 Hospital Security Mistakes?

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During the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been tirelessly working to save patients’ lives and keep facilities running as smoothly as possible.

Keeping healthcare facilities safe is no easy feat on any given day, nevermind during a pandemic. Between patient safety, visitor safety, HIPAA laws, and violence against hospital staff (just to name a few everyday security considerations), hospital employees have a lot on their plates. Because of this, basic hospital security can sometimes fall by the wayside and seemingly small mistakes can mean the matter of life or death.

Bill Hapner, director of healthcare for G4S, an integrated security solutions provider, has seen a lot of these mistakes in his many years conducting security site assessments. Hapner often documents the mistakes he comes across as a teaching tool for both the hospital he is assessing and hospitals he will assess in the future. 

The photos in this article’s slideshow were taken by Hapner during actual security site assessments at various hospitals throughout the country. Can you spot the security mistakes?

While some of these may seem like obvious mistakes, it is important to remember that these are REAL photos taken at ACTUAL hospitals in the United States. Although most probably think, “Well, I wouldn’t do something that negligent,” hospital staff and security are often overwhelmed and understaffed — especially given the current pandemic and the added responsibilities and precautions that come with it. It’s easy to see how some of these situations might happen in our country’s current state.

These mistakes emphasize the importance of bringing in a security consultant to do an assessment of your facility. Sometimes it’s the things standing right in front of us that we miss and a fresh pair of eyes always helps.

Do you have any examples you’re willing to share? Email your photos to me at [email protected]. We’re more than happy to keep you anonymous or give you credit — just let us know! And we will always keep where the photo was taken anonymous.

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