Need Help (building a Robotic Arm)

I’m a new Mechatronics Eng. graduate, who is interested in Robotics, I’m good at the software side, from FK, IK,,, etc. Also good at control and electronics. But, I’m a little messed up on the mechanical side, I know a variety of different concepts and mechanisms and so ever, but I don’t have good reference for this field .And I cant find sth organized or clear on the internet. Can you help me by suggesting where should I start, and what are the books and topics that I need to study to get better at building the hardware of the robot the right way based on science( to build a robot arm from scratch for example). I know that i need to learn(Theory of Machines, Machine Elements, Machine Design, science of materials)… But I have no specific reference for any, and dunno where to start!

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