Cao Cao Mobility, DeepRoute partner on Level 4 robotaxis to serve 2022 Asian Games

Cao Cao DeepRoute LLC and Cao Cao Mobility this week said they have partnered to advance the design, development, and commercialization of a Level 4 autonomous robotic taxicab service. The autonomous vehicles will use DeepRoute’s self-driving technology and will be deployed at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, said the companies.

DeepRoute is an international self-driving vehicle technology provider with research centers in Shenzhen and Beijing. It was founded by a team with experience from companies including Google, Microsoft, and Ford. The company received funding and permission to test in California last fall.

Hangzhou, China-based Geely Technology Group has strategically invested in Cao Cao Mobility.

Cao Cao to use DeepRoute sensing in electric vehicles

Cao Cao said it plans to integrate DeepRoute’s new Level 4 full-stack self-driving system, including its DeepRoute-Sense II second-generation sensing system, into its dedicated fleet of Geometry A fully electric vehicles at the multi-sport event.

DeepRoute-Sense II will provide Cao Cao’s fleet of electric vehicles with advanced self-driving capabilities. DeepRoute said its system includes sensing, high-definition mapping, perception, planning and control, simulation, and cloud technology.

The system is housed in a slim, water-resistant, roof-box design. It includes seven DeepRoute-Vision vehicle cameras, three lidar sensors, a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) with two GPS antennas, and other advanced sensors. The system also integrates a telecommunication and data synchronization controller to accurately synchronize data from the different sensors in real time.

DeepRoute-Sense has built-in 5G support to gives companies the ability to remotely control vehicles so operators can take over a vehicle’s driving system if needed, said DeepRoute. It added that 5G networking capabilities will be essential for future vehicle-to-vehicle communications in smart cities. This fully integrated design makes it easier for companies to quickly and safely test and deploy autonomous vehicle fleets around the world, said the company.

Source: DeepRoute

Robotaxis get ready for games

Cao Cao Mobility said Asian Games athletes and guests will be able to use its app to seamlessly hail the autonomous vehicles to get around the event sites.

“Our partnership with DeepRoute reinforces our shared vision of making transportation safer, connected, and accessible as we work together to develop the highest-performing and safest autonomous vehicles,” stated Jinliang Liu, chairman of the company. “As the chief partner of the 2022 Asian Games, we are excited to have the athletes and guests experience riding in autonomous robotaxis, which will be the primary mode of transportation in the not-so-distant future.”

“It is an honor to be working alongside automotive giant Geely and Cao Cao to demonstrate our innovative self-driving technologies at the upcoming 2022 Asian Games,” said Nianqiu Liu, vice president of DeepRoute. “Our second generation DeepRoute-Sense system will help drive this new era of transportation forward with our comprehensive self-driving technologies integrated into one compact design for easy integration and deployment.”

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