Is my approach to doing the following modifications correct?

EDIT : I am using Abaqus scripting for FEA

After successfully replicating the fibre-reinforced actuator FEA I want to change the design to add another layer of elastosil tube and another layer of fiber to look something like this (excluding the caps). These are the steps that outline my methodology however I am not sure if my approach is correct

  1. Inner First Circle

  2. Inner Second Circle

  3. Extrude

  4. Outer First Circle

  5. Outer second Circle

  6. Extrude

  7. adding tube I as an instance

  8. adding tube II as an instance

  9. merging instances to make merged actuator

  10. create point for fiber I

  11. running fibers script (to make helix)

  12. create point for fiber II

  13. running fibers script (to make helix II)

  14. Add fibers I and II to assembly

  15. adding fiber I and II instance

  16. DEFINE elastosil material

  17. DEFINE kevlar material

  18. creating elastosil sections (for tube I)

  19. creating elastosil section II (for tube II)

  20. creating kevlar/fiber section (for fiber I)

  21. creating kevlar/fiber section II (for fiber II)

  22. assigning sections for merged actuator

  23. assigning sections for fibers

  24. beam section orientation for fiber I and II

  25. create inner surface for tube I

  26. create outer surface for tube II

  27. create step

  28. Boundary conditions (??????)

  29. Amplitude

  30. Apply load

  31. mesh control

  32. mesh element type

  33. set seed

  34. mesh generation

  35. mesh fibers

  36. mesh settings for fibers

  37. mesh

  38. tie constraint for fiber I and tube II (inner surface)

  39. tie constraint for tube II (outer surface) and fiber II

Any recommendations are appreciated

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