Omni-Wheel with Tyres or Air Tube?

Hello! šŸ˜€

I am developing a high speed, off-road robot (kind of like the MIT Cheetah but with wheels, so its much less complicated – its not a walking robot). I wish to trial Omni-wheels for low-speed strafing, specifically the type of omni-wheel which has small orthagonal wheels mounted around the rim (as opposed to the angled rollers of a mecanum wheel).

My issue is this: I need the contact patch with the ground to resemble that of a tyre with an air tube. I’m thinking a tyre with a foam tube would suffice.

– Has anybody ever heard of an omni-wheel that resembles this?

– How might you go about custom building one? The rim itself is simple and can be 3D printed with slots for the small wheels and axles.

– Am I likely to have trouble with a soft wheel that deforms, as it might catch on the rim and lock up instead of spinning under load?

-Has anybody ever heard of an omni-wheel like this in which the small wheels have a tyre and tube?

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