UWB Ranging / Localization

Hi all, new member here, but I’ve been working with mobile robotics for a few years now. Mostly with outdoor applications.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, UWB (ultra-wideband radio) is particularly suited to providing cm level range measurements. They’re similar to some Time Of Flight radio beacons which are more widely used.

I’m just curious to see how others have used UWBs. I found out about them from work, but I haven’t seen a very good translation of them into the hobbyist realm (which is where the fun really is).

Mostly I’ve focused on using them outdoors at longer ranges and since that’s pushing their max range I’m starting to see some odd behavior. A majority of research I’ve seen focuses on indoor applications since that’s where they make the most sense.

Anywho, just curious how you all have used them and in what kind of applications. Cheers!

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