Solar-powered rover help

I want to create a solar-powered rover-esk vehicle for a year-long robotics course I am taking and I am trying to get a general idea of how this would be done. Googleing some stuff I found that solar panels aren’t very good and will result in the rover not being super powerful. I wanted to make it able to do some basic navigation of rough terrain and such so I was deliberating using a battery having the solar panel charge it and moving smaller distances at a time. What kind of components would I need to accomplish this and how would I generally wire it up. I am most concerned about how I would get both the panel wired up to the battery and the ESC/motors/etc and switch between discharging and charging. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Here are some products that I found to charge a battery and discharge it from a solar panel:

Charge Manager

Solar Panel

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