Looking for project ideas for my independent study robotics class.

So my senior year of HS is about to start and after taking programming and robotics for 2 years I am allowed to have a class where I can persue personal projects as long as it’s tech/robotics related. Im just reaching out to you guys on this sub to see if you have any interesting ideas

The theme of my projects is going to be “Robots taking jobs”. I want to build small scale versions of robots that do small scale versions of jobs. Specifically jobs that have a reasonable chance of being done by a machine in the near future. For example, a firefighter robot that can sense fire and shoot water. Or something along those lines demonstrating how some jobs may be replaced by robots.

For reference I am alright at Arduino (which is how I plan to put theese together) although I am definitely less experienced and skilled as some people I’ve seen on this sub.

If anyone has any cool/interesting idea feel free to throw them out there. Just looking for a little insperation 🙂

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