Motherboard for Industrial robot?

Hi, So i’m fairly new to making robotics (only past experience is in FRC, a robotics competition for 3yrs) but I’m trying to make a industrial robot and I don’t want to use a raspberry pie or other educational electronics.

What sort of motherboard (not sure if this is the right word) should I be getting instead?

My objective is to make a robot able to move about a warehouse go through the correct aisle and find a box using a qrcode, pick it up using some sort of vison camera and mechanism dropping it off at a predetermined zone. (avoiding obstacles while knowing which aisle to find the box)

I know that I’ll need to implement some sort of

geo-guidance,LIDAR, laser based range finders or photometric cameras (or something like this) as well as some ai.

Any tips on what might be needed etc. will be appreciated. Thanks!

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