[Q] Weekly Question – Recommendation – Help Thread – 2020-09-07

Having a difficulty to choose between two sensors for your project ? How to power your raspberry pi ?

Do you hesitate between which motor is the more suited for you robot arm ?

Or are you questioning yourself about a potential robotic-oriented career ?

Wishing to obtain a simple answer about what purpose this robot have ?

This thread is here for you ! Ask away. Don’t forget, be civil, be nice !

This thread is for:

  • Broad questions about robotics
  • Questions about your project
  • Recommendations
  • Career oriented questions
  • Help for your robotics projects
  • ect…


Note: If your question is more technical, shows more in-depth content and work behind it as well with prior research about how to resolve it, we gladly invite you to submit a seft-post.

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