I want to change my career to robotics and live in asia. What is the best path?

I am 25 y/o and I am in a phase of my life where I have 2 paths that I can take. But I am not sure which one is the best.

My Situation:

  • Masters in Electrical and Computer engineering in the most prestigious tech university in Portugal. However, I don’t think this uni gives me a big advantage in a foreign country, since it isn’t that well know outside of Portugal.
  • Finished in the top 5%.
  • 1st Job: Big 4 of consulting, 4 months; It sucked, I quit.
  • 2nd Job in !Germany! 😀

My Problem:

  • I do not like the area I am working (Data Science/Analytics)
  • I want to switch to Robotics AI or Computer Vision would be also fine (but not as good)

2 Solutions (paths):

  1. Find job in Robotics in Germany Or AI/Computer Vision
  2. Do a Masters in Robotics in Germany

Q: Why would you even consider applying for a masters, wouldn’t it be more efficient to just get a job?


  1. I do not even know if I can find a job in Robotics
    1. My german is still not very good (B2), I will need some months to be in a fluent level.
    2. Do not know if I have enough skills
  2. Even if I got a job, maybe it wouldn’t be in a good company, or even an interesting position
  3. I do not want to wait more than 1 year, not find a job and regret that I didn’t take the masters
  4. The masters (assuming that I got excelent grades) would open many more windows! In more interesting positions and better companies. Which may be more beneficial in the longrun

Also, to choose the best path I need to look at my life motivations. And how each path will fulfill these motivations in the longrun (when I am 30/35 years old).

Motivations (ordered by importance):

  1. Moving to Asia (most likely China or Japan)
  2. Being in a field that I enjoy
  3. Money
  4. Working Remotely

(2 and 3, will depend on the season of the year, but right now I prefer passion over money)

Here is a table I will evaluate how each path may play out in each of my motivation, when I will be 30 y/o.

Motivations Path 1 (Job) Path 2 (Masters)
Asia Since I have more experince (4/5 years), it can be easier for me to get a job in Asia. I will have less experince (2 years, and maybe some internships/research I did during my studies). May go to asia older.
However, my job may not be that good/in a prestigious company. Why would they want me? Higher chance of working in a well know company and with great technology and advanced skills. This will make me a more desirable cantidate.
Work accomplishment My job may not be as interesting. And I will more likely work in a more mediocre company, with not so interesting technology. More prestigious company, more interesting technology.
Money would have around 100k would have around 40k

I will repeat and do this table for when I become 35 y/o

Motivations Path 1 (Job) Path 2 (Masters)
Asia Could go to asia earlier. But not guaranteed to go there. Higher chance to be in asia.
Work accomplishment Better company, more interesting
Money Salary could be a bit higher because of 2 more years of experience, but company might not be as good, so maybe similar to path 2, or even lower.
200k (I am not counting with stock market) 140k (I am not counting with stock market)


I love security. That is why I try to follow a less uncertain road that can guarantee with a higher certainty that I get what I want.

In my analysis I have assumed that everything would go as planed. But if it doesn’t? Which path has the highest uncertainty, and which are the risks?

Path 1 (Job):

  • I may not even be able to find a job in robotics in germany (and that is my biggest fear and why I don’t like this path) But yes, I need to try.
  • Lower chance of being accepted in Asia (This one would really hurt me) Or getting a worse job there.

Path 2 (Masters):

  • I will not be accepted in any uni (I think the risk may be lower, since I already got accepted to one of them last semester but I said no at the time).
  • Going to Asia older Yep, I still want to experience it young. I don’t want to worry about finding a wife and having kids quickly! Or even worse, having a girlfriend that I have to abandon, and being very deep in the relationship.

All in all, path 2 (masters) sounds much more safe and more certain. And that in the longrun it will be more worthy and make me a happier man. My only concern is that I will start working with 28 y/o.

Bonus idea:

  • Keep working in Data Analytics/Science
  • Would not be as accomplished
  • Higher probability of ending up in a non-technical area (simply being a manager… yuk!)
  • Not sure what to think about my possibilities of moving to Asia
    • Data Science could be higher in demand (or not, maybe it will be oversaturated, and robotics will start to be more needed)
    • I would not be as special, as if I did robotics (so many data scientist/analysts, what would make me special?)
    • I do not think I have a strong vocation for this field, nor did I learn that much about in the uni, so I would probably not be a big expert
  • However, there would be higher chances to get a remote job (but I do not know how easy it would be, probably hard to find, and even if I found, I could be fired in some years). Remote job could be a way for me to move to asia, even to other countries (like Thailand), but I may get fired, and then I must return, and my asian dream would be over

So, let me know what do you think! Or if I made some wrong assumptions.

PS: Yes I will start learning the asian language (still haven’t decided which country would be the safest bet, if you have some info about it :))

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