Accurate Vape Detection for Schools Simplified

In any campus environment or school district that requires detection of vape, smoke, THC and/or sound abnormalities in places where cameras cannot be used our powerful combination can be deployed.

How it works?

Install a HALO sensor in the bathroom or any other area of concern for vape and smoke detection, then deploy a camera trained on said bathroom or area of concern. The combination of the triggered alarm from the in-bathroom sensor and the recording of the bathroom entry point results in an accurate proof of culprit. That camera recording can be sent as an email notification to the nearest guard on duty or back to a central location if preferred.

This has been deployed and loved by many schools and hospitals across the United States in conjunction with the Milestone XProtect VMS. Admins of the video management system however, had to deal with a complex system of events, rules and additional configuration. Using the Boring Lab’s Boring Toolbox IoT Connector feature you simply create one rule per alert you are good to go. The Boring Toolbox event listener further turns hundreds of manually created events into a few automatically generated ones. Meaning less complexity, less room for error and time and money saved for the school or hospital.

Technical benefits:

  • Detect vape, smoke, THC, gunshot, shouting in unsupervised areas
  • Ability to monitor air quality, temperature, humidity, hazardous chemicals
  • Streamlined configuration of HALO devices and addition of them into Milestone XProtect
  • Removes the need to manually create events making larger installations simple and quick to manage
  • Dynamically trigger alerts from the HALO smart sensor in Milestone with camera to sensor mapping
  • Easily turn sensor notifications into rules combine with HALO’s threshold tuning for reduced false positives


The combination of Milestone Systems, Boring Toolbox and HALO smart sensor for vape detection in the  education market is not only the most reliable it is also designed to save time on the backend. Effortlessly reduce or even eliminate vaping in your environment with this powerful partnership.

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