I just became President of a Robotics Club at the College-level

Hello! I hope I correctly read the FAQ/Read Before Posting.

I’m a college student and I’m a part of a Robotics Club at my University. After seeing that the current President seemingly didn’t really care or put much effort into the club (one he started), I essentially offered/asked to be able to run for President.

Now, the old president has quit because he has too much work elsewhere.

My question is how can I make this club into a proper thing? We spent the first year fiddling with two Dexter Industries Robot Cars and made zero real progress.

I’ve been trying to look into college-level Robotics competitions and the like, but seeing as our college is currently online-only I don’t know what we can do as we can’t meet in-person.

I would love to know what I can have my club doing to prepare ourselves for once we return to campus! What kinds of things should we be researching or studying? Are there coding languages that we can begin working on right now that don’t require robots/the like to work with?

I really want to make this club productive and fulfilling after watching all the guys mess around and ignore serious deadlines.

Thank you in advance and please let me know if I need to move this post!!

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